Celebrating nearly 40 years of Sarasota sparkle

A family business since its inception, Diamond Vault grew out of one man’s passion, determination and an unquenchable love of learning. Nearly 40 years ago, Ali Chokr began selling colored gemstones and semi-precious jewelry at the Bradenton Flea Market. Realizing his natural knack for the industry, Chokr entered the diamond wholesale business and invested in diamond jewelry. His passion for uncompromised quality led him to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where he received certification as a gemologist.

Since its establishment as a premier purveyor of fine diamonds in Southwest Florida, the business has boasted numerous locations in some of Sarasota’s most notable neighborhoods. In 2012, Diamond Vault opened its landmark location along Tamiami Trail, setting the standard for jewelers across the region with its striking architecture, amenities and trademark Diamond Wall.

While the company has expanded with thanks to loyal customer patronage, the focus has always remained the same. Diamond Vault is devoted to providing the utmost in quality, superior products and a customer experience based on a relationship of respect, trust and sincerity.

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